We offer gourmet candy buffets &

Bridgeman's ice cream buffets


A great dessert choice for

Weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, banquets, and other events where you want to serve something original and fun!

Candy Buffet

Choose from a variety of gourmet candy and sweet treats:
Flavored Caramels • Almond Toffee • Flavored Fudge • Cake Pops
Chocolate Peanut Clusters • Pretzel Bites • Special K® Bars
Oreo® Cream Cheese Balls • Rice Krispies® Bars • Brownies

Ice Cream Buffet

Choose from 10 flavors of Bridgeman's Ice Cream.

Who we are

The Sweet Depot is a family owned and operated, gourmet candy-making business in Litchfield, Minnesota.  We offer dessert buffets with your choice of gourmet candy, sweet treats or delicious Bridgeman’s ice cream.

We would like to work with you

In addition to gourmet candy, The Sweet Depot can make a variety of sweet desserts for your custom-designed candy buffet. We also offer Bridgeman’s Ice Cream and a variety of toppings to create a personalized ice cream buffet.

Because we make our own candy and sweet treats, we are flexible and willing to work with you to create and serve the right products so your event will be remembered!

Candy buffets and ice cream buffets are an original and fun

alternative dessert option for your special occasion!

What we do

Our slow-cooking method allows quality ingredients like fresh creamy butter, brown sugar, sugar, vanilla, cream, and sweetened condensed milk to fully develop into great-tasting gourmet candy.  Most of our candy and sweet treats are non-GMO and gluten free.
* We use (less than 2 percent) sunflower lecithin, a non-GMO emulsifier, in our caramels to extend the life of the product.
*All products are made in a facility that uses dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat flour.

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