Product information: 
NON GMO and Gluten free. In our caramels we use sunflower lecithin a NON GMO sunflower emulsifier to extend the life of the product. Less than 2%, but you should know. All products are made in a facility that uses, dairy products, peanuts, tree nuts and there is wheat flower in the facility.

Almond TOffee


We have various flavor of caramels and adding more. 
Original - have a special blend of vanilla’s
Sea Salt - includes three types of sea salt
Espresso - made with freshly roasted and brewed espresso
Apple - which has the taste of a “caramel apple”
Irish Cream - just like the name, it is creamy with a true Irish Cream taste Cranberry - made with fresh cranberries and a special blend of sugars

All caramels are slow cooked in small batches using old copper pots, then cut and wrapped using a 1940’s taffy/caramel wrapper to look just like you made them at home.


Almond Toffee - we take pride in offering a toffee unlike many of the toffee makers. Our Toffee is made with slivered almonds; this allows us to make our toffee thin and crunchy.  We also top off with milk chocolate and freshly roasted ground almonds but we won’t use so much as to cover up the taste of this sweet nutty treat.


Brittles & Barks

Brittles made with fresh creamy butter, nuts bursting with flavor and just the right touch of sugars.  At The Sweet Depot our shop fills with the aroma of  several types of brittles, peanut, pecan, cashew and cinnamon walnut.  Our candy makers have been know to make other flavors.  It doesn’t hurt to ask. Barks, not your big box store barks. Made with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and fresh nuts, berries and our own brittles and toffee.